My mind has been a jumble of nothings. I have wanted to write a blog for the last month at least. Many things I could have written about but seemed on the boring side. I need to set up a voice recorder in my car, thoughts always happen the best there.

Go figure. 

Then I think surfing the net will help spark a thought or two and all it does is sidetrack me.  🙂  I am going to try hard to not surf as much until I write something whether it is a blog post or on paper from now on.

Goal #1. (It is not even the new year! LOL )

I just realized the year my youngest graduates High School, in 3 years,  I will be 50 years young! Wow!

Where the heck has the time gone?

What have I accomplished?

I have enjoyed my life. Some bumps and some boring parts but for the most part it has been good. It definitely hasn’t went like I thought it would. But I would not have liked it if it had because that means I would not be spontaneous. Right? Who wants to know their future? Not me.

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Mine was good for a day.

The rest of the weekend was rather….not what I wanted. I guess 16 years of marriage can cause a few hiccups. Nothing terrible, the other half chose to do his own thing for a couple of days away from us. He is already gone during the week, so it surprised me. He always spends his time off with us. This was a first.

It wouldn’t have been a big deal if he was home all week. I could totally understand getting away once in a while. Usually, if I can’t go, then he stays.

It confused me to say the least.

As I ponder about it, it really wasn’t a bad thing.  I hope it doesn’t mean more of it will happen, then we might have a problem which will result in a swift kick in his butt! 🙂

Do you always spend time with your other half? (other than when they have work)

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4 responses to “Reflection”

  1. We do spend our time together as much as possible. There have been times though long ago, when he’d work 15-hour days in a row, and I’d take the kids and visit nearby mommies to get my sanity time, lol! Then there have been the occasional times he’s gone off to lunch or evenings with his friends or colleagues. I’ve been invited many times over the years, but I seldom go. And then, there have been times I’ve told him he should go hunting with his uncles or take someone else to a sporting event, but he seldom takes me up on that.
    We don’t like to be apart for all the military time apart.
    I’m guessing your husband’s thing over the weekend was more like my nearby mommies saving my sanity. I think we all know when we need the break. I’ve got couple friends who take separate vacations. We can’t imagine that, but a weekend getaway is probably tolerable. If it was a really good thing, some person or solitude that isn’t at our house.
    It gets harder as the kids get older, I think. They’re always doing stuff, grounding us home.
    My #3 is the same age as your youngest, and will graduate in three years — my baby one right behind her.
    My life definitely went a different direction and I feel utterly satisfied, so I agree with you there. Wouldn’t want to know the future!

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    • Good points. We actually don’t do anything with others anymore. So it is just us. Think that’s why it was a shock. He doesn’t have any buddies and neither do I. Been like that for last five years. I imagine we will branch out sometime again. Lol We have been content with running after kids. Usually he is tired after being on the road all week. It’s difficult to get him doing something. Lol maybe he is getting a second wind. Lol

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      • After raising the two older kids, constantly working and staying busy, and letting them be with friends a lot, found out after being on their own, they still want to be friends first. Which is ok, but perhaps we were wrong to not spend as much time as we should have while they were at home. So with the two younger ones we have encouraged more family time instead of allowing constant friend time. They still spend time with friends just not whenever they wish so to speak. I say no a lot now. Maybe that’s because I am home and not working. I need their company. LOL Plus, I know once they are graduated they want to have that fun with their friends, at least the first decade. LOL Crazy logical maybe. 🙂

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