The daughter was over yesterday visiting and we realized that the year 2021 is full of milestones for our immediate family.

Hubby is 60

I will be 50

Daughter will be 30

Youngest will graduate from high school, so we will have an empty nest.

Hubby and I’s anniversary will be our 20th.

Middle son will turn 20.

By golly, we need to come up with one  heck of a way to celebrate together. It will probably have to be the same weekend as the youngest graduating because of people’s work schedules and such. We thought it was pretty cool. I love when numbers work out.

Speaking of number things, our previous address, which is still our home away from home has the street number of 213. I like to think of it as the 2 = hubby and I and the 1 = daughter, 3 = the boys. Pretty cool. Hubby’s address back then when we were dating had the same numbers only different order. How awesome! It was meant to be. 🙂

Our address numbers here are 1014. I think of it as 1 (hubby) 0 (ring) 1 (me) 4 ( the four kids) Clever huh? 🙂

I kept thinking when we bought this house that it was the one, walked in and it felt like home. Didn’t realize until after when looking at the address for something that the numbers once again added up to our immediate family size. I believe our homes have been meant to be. 🙂thCAMC67X8(image credit to Bing images)

Any cool signs for you?


  1. joey · December 2, 2017

    That’s pretty neat! Gonna be a good year for y’all! 🙂

    When the four of us entered this house, it felt like home to three of us. I said to The Mister, “This is our house” and he said, “Yes, this is our house.” <3
    In numerology the street address adds up to harmony and balance and I loved that, but even if it didn't, this is our house.

    • 2bcreativeblog · December 4, 2017

      Cool. 🙂 It’s amazing when it feels home. I never thought it could be like that. 🙂

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