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That Thing…..Health

We all have our issues and if you don’t than you are darn lucky! πŸ™‚ I do have to say for most of my life I have been healthy. The only thing I have broken is my nose, sigh. Glad that is all, just a bit crooked. πŸ™‚

I think I can thank my grandma’s good cooking for my health. I grew up with her and she made me eat 3 meals a day and I took my vitamin everyday since second grade. She cooked everything from scratch pretty much. In fact, I didn’t know what Kraft Mac & Cheese was until college when a friend began to make it. She was shocked I had never had it. Told her my grandma made hers! The best!

I was a big fruit eater. Not so much sugar other than ice cream. πŸ™‚ Pop was a thing once in a while. I drank a lot of tea. I need to get back to that. I carried most of the habits into my early twenties but then I picked up the bad habit of pop. Sigh. I worked in a grocery store and it was too easy to get. Sometimes I would reach for an orange juice but it was normally a pop. Once in a blue moon I would bring water from home but usually I forgot it. I hate spending the high dollar on water, I might as well have a pop. My thinking back then. 😦

Well, some of these habits have created some health issues I am sure. If only there was a time machine and I could go back and redo that part. Darn.

I have had issues for some time with that dreaded woman monthly thing. I would say I began that whole perimenopause around 37, I am now 47. I am so over it. I wish I would have had a doctor that shook their finger at me and said exercise REGULARLY and eat better. Because I didn’t do good on my own.

I have added pounds in my middle area since about 34 I am guessing. I can’t blame the kids, always lost the weight. πŸ™‚ I am beginning to think I was estrogen dominant for a very long time. Things really went haywire about age 41. That monthly thing decided to skip around and do all kinds of weird stuff. For me, it was a shock because I had the greatest monthly since seventh grade that any woman would be jealous of. πŸ™‚

The doctor I had been seeing was trying to figure out what was going on but then hubby retired from the army and they wouldn’t let me keep him for my doctor. They gave me a new one which I was NOT impressed with. I suggested doing hormone levels and he said I don’t do that. Ok. I did have an abnormal PAP that year but he didn’t seem concerned with. OK. So he decided to give me a low dose of birth control pills. Ugh. My tubes are tied I didn’t want this again. I faithfully took them. It made them regular on time but still didn’t solve the heavy problems.

Then they decided to build a clinic off base for those of us in the subdivision, I got a new doctor! YAY! Well, middle son ended up with some health problems, and like all moms I put mine on the back burner. His turned out ok, but it was a scare for a while.

Then unfortunately, that doctor passed away. I liked him. 😦

Gave me a new doctor, this is now my fourth one in five years. Ugh.

She ended up cancelling our first appointment when I was going to discuss my issues further and renew that dang blasted pill. I decided, I will try without the pill. I was happy to say it began and ended like it was supposed to for the next eight months, just stayed the dreaded heavy stuff. Ugh.

That eighth month I had to have my appendix out! Joy! I actually felt really good afterwards, like better than ever. But lo and behold it messed up my monthly thing. Ugh. It skipped and then it spotted. I thought oh, maybe I’m getting to the end! Yes!


By December it was like opening the flood gates! I went to the ER. Found out I was anemic. Gave me some stuff in IV for my racing heart and the doctor got me an ultrasound for that morning, it was in the middle of the morning. No sleep that day. And he also got me a referral with a gynecologist! Yay! But it wasn’t going to happen for almost a month. UGh.

This doctor decided with what he was seeing he would do a hysteroscopy and D&C. Rule out any cancer. Oh relief. Procedure went well. Waiting for the dang results sucked. Nerve wrecking. Came back NO cancer! Yay! I was given options, pill, IUD, and Provera for six months. The pill makes my heart race so no. Heck no to the IUD, read too many bad reviews, plus did I mention my tubes are tied! lol

So I went with the Provera.

Well, the first ten days of taking it I still spotted. Then like it is supposed to after stopping the pill, you get that dreaded monthly. HOLY HELL! Pain, flood gates again… frustrating.

I tell you, why do women have to go through this? Not fair! You start out with monthly all over the place when you begin and now you have to do it again! Not fair I tell ya.

I will do it again next month but if there is no change I’m hunting that doc down and saying just remove the damn thing! Just kidding, see what else there is. I know there is a few other options.

In the meantime I am exercising more and eating healthier. Maybe just maybe it will help some.

How are all you other women handling this thing? πŸ™‚

Not a very good picture but that brown dot, not a mole, is where the nurse put my IV for up above procedure. She blew my vein! Talk about hurting. I was lucky that it didn’t bruise more than it did. She made me a bit mad, she was training and the new nurse said my veins were too small and wasn’t going to try. I told her nicely that all other IV’s I have had were done inside of my arm. She wouldn’t listen. GRRRR. Luckily, she put some hot towels on it while I was waiting to go in. It helped a lot. All medical people, what is in those IV’s? The next day I am like full of energy and feeling like my twenties! I think I need my own supply of those. LOL


I am a writer and an artist, at least in my mind. :) I love to read!

5 thoughts on “That Thing…..Health

  1. I’m sorry you’ve gone through all this. I’d like to thank you for writing about it, because I still feel like women’s health is never given proper attention. I started getting my hormones checked at 40 because of the FLOODS. Perimenopause is not my favorite thing, especially when they say things like, “It can last 15 years.” I’ve had the bad paps and eventually cervical cancer, plus the irregularity, the pills, whatever, I just want it all done. CLEARLY I’m no longer interested in babies, but I am also interested in not bleeding all over everything. It’s completely unpredictable the last few years. Same PMS, but will it be a few days of spotting or 8 days of floods? I would really like to see an expert. I wonder how many docs I gotta go through to get to an expert. Truly. I feel like if men went through this stuff, hysterectomy parties would be a thing. “Tom had his uterus removed, bring beer!”


    1. I agree. Not talked about enough. Sorry to hear you had cancer, how scary. Surprised they didn’t remove the parts then. I began following a blog and Facebook page Lara Briden, she is a doctor who wrote a book about taking care of women issues through eating proper and some vitamins and minerals we end up short of. I waited to buy the book or start any suggestions until after I knew my tests were in the clear. Didn’t want to mess up the doc’s tests. πŸ™‚ I bought the ebook last Friday and ended up reading it until 3:30 am LOL Very good and interesting information. I’m giving some of it a try and see how it goes. I already know eating better and taking magnesium has helped to a certain point. Hoping it will help the rest. Her website is A lot of the information she puts in her blog. I wish I had known the Estrogen does such a roller coaster ride on woman beginning in their 30’s. I would have done something then. It boils down to eat your fruits and veggies. LOL And stay active more than just chasing kids. πŸ™‚ I’m tired of the Floods controlling my plans in life! I hope you can figure out yours as well. I agree, male doctors don’t always try to help. They just don’t get it. I’ve had way more help from the female ones. πŸ™‚ Just wish they would not try to always fix it with the pill or meds. I’m grateful when I had mine but I don’t want it now. I guess one has to do their own research. πŸ˜‰

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      1. I’m going to check out her site. I certainly eat my fruits and veggies, so I have that goin for me. I could stand to add some vitamins, I’m sure.
        I was told if I get the cancer again THEN they’ll take it out. Sexist crap — saving my reproductive system. Who do they think they are?!? I had four. Four is enough. For me.
        I’m bloated to my armpits today, bah. I hope the flood comes soon.

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