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Paint Away


I have lived in several homes that were all white or all tan, and they were ok, but I prefer color. My youngest son thinks my decorating style is strange. Well, kiddo I like it strange. Color is cheerful. 🙂

Here are a few of the many paint samples I have chosen over the last couple decades. I like color.  I have definitely painted my share of walls. I have more to paint but keep stalling. I am getting tired of painting walls. 🙂

Pineapple = Dining Room(yellow)
Leaping Water = bathroom trim (light sea green?)
Gargoyle = outside projects (grey)
Chicago Sky = basement main room(blue)
Antarctic Ice = laundry room and guest room (light tan/white)
Edge of Night = my creative cave top half of walls (light grey)
Pledge of Allegiance = my creative cave bottom half of walls (medium purple)
Aztec Rouge = kitchen at our Puzzle House in my hometown (red-brown)
Flirtation = kitchen at our Puzzle House in my hometown (blue)

Here are a few examples.


Top= Edge of  Night,

Bottom = Pledge of Allegiance



Chicago Style (blue)






I think the most difficult color to paint is red! We painted our hallway a deep red with white trim at our other house and it looks elegant but boy the paint can show brush strokes and such. I think I will stick to accents of red. 🙂

I love the names they give paint. While I look for the color I want, the name tends to pull me to the shade of color. Do you know the names of your walls?







I am a writer and an artist, at least in my mind. :) I love to read!

7 thoughts on “Paint Away

  1. “Leaping Water”—Ha, I love that one. Paint names are so dramatic, aren’t they? We recently had rooms painted, but we hired a guy to do it. I’m so impressed you do it all by yourself. My husband usually does it, but it was too big of a job this time around, and he just didn’t have the time.

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    1. Yes they are dramatic! lol I do alright with painting. Sometimes I get impatient and you can see flaws. ooops…:) Sometimes I ponder doing it for a job because they definitely need it done here in a military community with moving all the time, but then I think about my impatient side at times. LOL Best not. That would be nice to hire someone so it is ALL done at once. 🙂 I will most likely continue doing it.

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  2. Oh yes, I’m with you. I actually don’t recall all of them. I feel like the living and entry are arctic or polar – some Sherwin Williams color that ended up trending. It’s subdued and I like it, but mid-evening in summer, it reads institutional mental hospital green! lol I’d honestly like to go with a lighter green gray, but I’ll wait until we replace the sofa.
    The dining I don’t remember, but it’s a not quite green, not quite blue at 75%. It’s my favorite.
    Kitchen is Ice Cream — as is all the trim
    Our bedroom is Blue Vault. (similar to your Chicago color)
    I have another blue for the hallway. It’s currently Honey Bear, but will be Summertime. Not yet decided on the bathrooms. They’re off-white. May wallpaper the master bath.
    I lived in all white walls for those seven years in Georgia, in base housing. I couldn’t wait to paint again.
    We’ve had an eggplant dining room. We lived in an open concept house we painted the entire downstairs Olive Garden. Moo’s room is called Cantaloupe. Sounds awful, people always gasp when you say you’re painting with colors like purple and orange, but then they gasp and say how pretty.
    I generally stay away from anything warmer than green. Too invigorating for my nerves. Love a bold red room or a well done coral, but can’t have one, ya know?
    I really love your Pledge of Allegiance color there. The way you’ve used it is very cheerful!
    Moo might like that Edge of Night. I’ll keep that in mind. Does it read as almost lavender in person?

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    1. Love the kitchen name! What is the color? Very creative names.
      Yes the Edge of Night is a dark lavender. Seems to be a blue lavender.
      I wish I could remember all the other paint colors there were some fun ones.
      Our bedroom here is a grey. The other house it is a blue, thinking it is Waterfall for the name but not sure. 🙂
      Our kitchen is a yellow, still what the previous owners did. I will probably repaint to that Pineapple yellow, which will make it a sharper yellow.
      All the stairs and hallways is a silver grey, Smokey Orchid, but it comes off as a blue. Kind of a neat color. I should say I haven’t completed all that area yet. Just a portion.
      Trying to get rid of the tan everywhere. Too much brown, it seems too 70s. LOL And when they spot painted to cover markings it did not match. Annoying. I’m glad paint has the primer in it now. I use to skip that part and sometimes it would turn out ok and other times, nope. lol So far our trim is all stained but it needs updated.
      I did paint the trim in the guest bath and it is the Leaping Water, which I love. The main color there is Kingston Aqua, found the can, a blue.
      My entry way is a green, Nurture Green, an HGTV color from Sherwin Williams.
      I plan on using the leftover paints for craft stuff. Someday. lol

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      1. I LOVE the primer in the paint now. Love it! I’ve had good luck with all of them, but I’m partial to PPG and Behr.
        Some of our house has stained trim — the living room and our bedroom. I can’t do the trim in the living room until the floors are redone. Someone started to paint the window trim, which annoys me, but I go on 😉
        The tans and browns are hard for me to love. We have so much wood, it’d be far too much brown.
        Kingston Aqua is familiar… So is Waterfall.
        The ice cream is the color of cheap vanilla ice cream. It’s white with orange undertone. I realize that sounds hideous. It’s not. LOL

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      2. I like using our local hardware store paint the most, they can keep the color in their system. That Ice Cream sounds interesting. Our house has way too much wood, even the blinds are wood. Though the blinds do look nice but I’m about over the stained wood look. lol

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