What to Eat?

My stomach is growling but I can not decide what to eat. I think my mind is on Spring Break with the boys. I normally don’t do so bad with eating when school is going on. I guess I need that routine as do they. I have plenty to fix just nothing sounds good. Then, I do the bad thing and go get something. Bad me. Maybe the problem is I don’t want to cook. I guess I am on Spring Break as well. 🙂

I started out cooking at the beginning of the week. I even made the main meal at lunch time so the evenings were free to munch on what was in the cupboard or fridge. Then Wednesday hit, I got lazy, didn’t cook. Now, I’m on the end of Spring Beak and I’m still not wanting to cook. At least we chose mostly chicken and not so much hamburgers for eating out. Sigh.

I bet it also has to do with me sleeping more since I don’t have to get up. Yikes! What am I going to do when they fly the nest? Oh, ya, back to work because there won’t be any obstacles for jobs. 🙂

Now, that I posted those pictures of past dishes I made, I am really hungry. I don’t have any of that to make. I did get pork chops yesterday to make today, but not feeling it.

I love to watch the Food channel, was hoping Chopped was on to inspire me, but it is the Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives which makes me want to go get something. LOL

Do you guys eat out a lot?

I try to keep it to once a week but I have really blown that one this week.

Have a great weekend!

5 responses to “What to Eat?”

  1. My husband and I usually go out every Friday night to eat. He’s not feeling well tonight though, so that’s out. We’ll often do take-out on Saturday. I’m just not in the mood to cook Friday or Saturday night, and my high school son either wants pizza or goes out with his friends. Luckily we have some healthy restaurants near us. And some not-so-healthy ones too, which are always tasty! Everyone deserves a splurge now and then. 😁

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    • Sounds good. Hubby is usually home on weekends and wants home cooked from being on road. Just depends what we are doing. Glad warmer weather is coming for BBQ ing more often. 😊 If we eat out more than once I try to choose something healthy the second night. Try. Lol

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  2. We either eat out or get takeaway once a week sometimes twice if we’re all out doing something or if it’s date night 🙂
    Like you, I get tired mid-week. I try to stick to salad night on Monday and Thursday is usually either cheese night or fend-for-yourself. Reheats of a large meal are nice, and so is one of the kids baking potatoes or throwing in a frozen lasagna.
    I totally identify with how sleep schedules throw off food schedules. We usually eat brunch or linner and a snacks on the weekends, not three meals.
    Today I made ratatouille early so we have it tonight. Those are my favorite meals, early prep, long simmer, delicious reward 😉

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    • Salad night would be nice but my boys won’t eat it. Sigh. I’m hoping they will change like their two older siblings and Branch out when they are on their own. I always offer at least carrots or fruit with each meal. Definitely depends if a kid is busy with a school function whether I cook or not. One kid is great at reheats the other refuses. Sigh. I worry when they get on their own. Daughter does great but oldest son only eats once a day it sounds like. Ugh. Not sure what these two will do. Love date nights. 😊👍

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