Summer Struggles

Guess summer really doesn’t start for another week, but I call it summer when school gets out. Shoot, with the high temperatures lately, maybe they should move summer up to May.

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The middle son had to go to summer school for failing a class the first semester. I have been taxi driver for him. He did get motivated to do most of the work at home so he could test out and be done with it. He did pass. Not a high-grade but he did pass.

I was conflicted with the class being online and only a mentor in the room. To me, shouldn’t a teacher be teaching since obviously the student didn’t understand the class to begin with? We also had to pay for said class, which now I am sure it was the online fee.

When I was in school many moons ago, if you failed, it was added to your schedule the next semester. I didn’t fail, but I heard a kid talking about having three English classes once. Crazy.

After talking to another parent, this math teacher failed 22 students in this class. Hmmm. I think maybe the school should be looking at this teacher. She doesn’t seem to be able to teach. My middle son said he couldn’t follow her at all. When he started the online class, he mentioned that it was nothing what she taught. Weird. I found out after the fact, that she didn’t even grade his final because he was already failing. Wow. That does not sound like a teacher that wants kids to succeed to me. I sure hope he doesn’t get her again.

This is also my kid that isn’t into school so it is a struggle, than to have a teacher that doesn’t care adds fuel to the problem. 😦

He is also an introvert, so he doesn’t speak up. Another struggle.

On a better note, he took a welding class and loved it. He is looking into going to welding school after graduating in two years. Made me happy. Trade jobs are good ones and pay well.  🙂  And then he also says after that school, he may join the Army. Sad face.

I have two in the military, not sure about another. But, I will support him with whatever he chooses.

The youngest son wanted a job this summer, but found out you have to be older for most of them. Plus, I told him to wait until next summer when he can drive himself there. Schedules tend to overlap for this taxi driver. 🙂 Sure wish I got paid for that. LOL

How’s your summer been going?

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2 responses to “Summer Struggles”

  1. Sassy had a hard time in her math class the last semester, told me it’s one of the worst teachers she’s ever had. Kid has all As and Bs and a D in math. I can’t hold it against her. She never had a D before, I think it almost killed her. That teacher has a “self-teaching” method I question. I know independent study can be beneficial, even essential to personal growth, but um, teachers should teach. Not a fan of teachers who opt out of teaching. Pretty sure her siblings kept her from failing the last 9 weeks. :/
    I was an English major so I frequently had three or more English classes at a time 😉 I had two my senior year of high school, too.
    I share your conflicting feelings over children in the military. I’m 0 for 4, two did Jr ROTC, one’s medically unable to serve and the youngest has no interest, but the other two still talk about it from time to time. Proud no matter what, worry no matter what — but oy.
    I have a cousin who’s a welder. He’s one of the most satisfied people I know.

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    • I agree with not caring for the self teaching style. Save that for college age or those who want it. My kids need taught, they don’t like doing it on their own. Both boys had a couple classes that way and they struggled. My daughter has put in for active duty on reserve side. I’m like no don’t move further away. Lol proud of her though. The oldest son is currently deployed in the Navy. Miss him. He’s on a ship so not much communication except in ports. Bummer. Awesome about the welder, I think middle son would enjoy it. 😊 I better watch my English more. 👍

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