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Summer is for Relaxing

I did the boys’ school enrollment today. Where did the summer go? We were not even busy. It has been a relaxing summer. The way it should be.

I remember growing up being involved in softball but the rest of the summer was being with friends and family. No crazy schedule. I went to one camp every summer for a week, dance camp. I can not fathom how the parents today put their kids in every thing they can during the summer. Which to each their own, not saying it’s wrong, but I think kids should have a relaxing summer. Because before long, they will be in the grown-up world of no more summers off, unless your job allows it. 🙂

I don’t even push a summer job unless they want it. I like the freedom of not having so many separate schedules to work with when we want to do stuff as a family. Now, come their last year of high school, I will definitely push a job so they can get ready for the workforce. To me, you are a kid once! As crazy as school years can get I think summer downtime is a must. Gives them a break. So much goes on in school nowadays. Perhaps that is why kids are stressed to the max. Maybe.

I do know once a child gets out on their own, they tend to not want mom and dad around as much. If yours does, you are one lucky family.  🙂

I also want my kids to enjoy their twenty’s. I feel this way because I had my first kid at 19 almost 20, by one month.  LOL.  I don’t regret because it did help me to grow up, but I missed out on all the young fun.

There are positives and negatives to every age you have kids. One positive to having kids young, I am a young grandma! 🙂 I can always have those fun moments in my 50s, the new 20! LOL

The best part is I can ask my kids if they want to go! I don’t have to worry about being a good influence anymore! LOL

Happy day to you all! 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Summer is for Relaxing

  1. I think the same things. Wonder, really. If you have all the fun in your 20s, (I did.) and keep having fun until your 40s, do you have so much more energy because you didn’t have a family early? Orrr, is it the kids that take the energy? If you have kids early, do you miss all the fun and then have it all later? (This seems to vary considerably.) Having babies younger is biologically better, easier beginning to end. Having babies older can be dangerous, but you have more resources. I was kind of a middler, which I suppose was the right way for me, but I do wonder the other options.

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    1. Very good points. I agree too. As long as we made it the best that we can for our family than that is what matters. 🙂 I can say I was more mature with the youngest two than with the older two. Of course, learned a few things from having the two older ones before the last two. It rather worked out pretty good. The two older ones were able to help and are nice to have as big siblings. Seven years between worked good for us. 🙂

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