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Zooooooooom, It’s Fall

I think I’m ready for Fall. I’m more a person who likes warm weather but Fall is pretty and it brings on the holidays. 🙂 I would like a bit of a break from yard work, because I suck at growing flowers. LOL

I will keep trying.

There has to be a flower out there that is meant just for me to keep alive. 🙂

My morning glories are finally blooming. I didn’t even plant that one this year, came up from last year’s soil. It is fairly thin of flowers though.  😦

I bought two things of mums and one is doing ok but the other is not. Sigh.

img_20180721_210835 I have done good with that purple flower thing there. I bought it in August after the extreme 100 degree weather we had. Forget what it is. I am too lazy to walk up there and look at the plant identifier thing in the soil. 🙂

Oh, look I have metal flowers! My kind of flowers! Bloom all year-long.  🙂

Normally, when it cools down I tend to start the inside projects. I have been muddying and sanding some of the basement walls. I’m getting better! We are not finishing the whole basement just the living portion. There is a big area on the other end of the basement that we keep for storage.



The alcove there is now one of the son’s computer station. I even decorated the wall with his sport stuff. He said mom, why. Because I can and you should be proud. 🙂 I found his kindergarten photo the teacher took on the first day of school. I had to hang that one!

img_20180902_140419 Hubby and I finished the flooring. I like it.  Didn’t do any where the storage area is though. We left that concrete.

Keeping with Fall, when I did the sanding on the one wall this showed up!

img_20180924_003554 Invisible spider webs! No maid I am. The drywall had been up for several years, just now muddying it. Yea that procrastination thing again. Amazing that I never saw the webs all the time walking by. I think maybe it should stay for Halloween…nope…it has been dusted and soon will have paint. 🙂

I have not decorated yet for Fall or Halloween. I did pack away the more springy outdoor décor to make room for Fall/Halloween. Perhaps by next weekend it will all be done! My goal!

Do you decorate and how early? I’ve heard some have decorated for Christmas! 



I am a writer and an artist, at least in my mind. :) I love to read!

7 thoughts on “Zooooooooom, It’s Fall

  1. I don’t decorate much at all. Unlike you, I live in a wee bungalow and do not have a lot of storage space. I have a scarecrow and some years I set him out. I have a cornucopia, and I sometimes set it out. Mostly no, though. I’ve got some assorted squash on the kitchen counter right now, that may count. I do enjoy the decorations of others, especially in fall 🙂 Fall is my favorite! I wore a sweater today and I was just happy as could be!
    Floors look great!

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    1. I like your decorations. Sometimes I go way out and other times it is small. I do like mixing fall colors with the Halloween stuff. Then when Halloween is over I take that down but leave up the fall stuff. 🙂 There are times I decorate early in September and other times it’s way into October. LOL Every year I say I am going to make new decorations and usually that don’t happen. LOL I have wore a jacket this week and sweats. 🙂 I do like at first the coolness after a hot summer but then after New Year’s I am ready for Spring. 🙂

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  2. I usually try to decorate with my Alabama pumpkin I made for football season. Then around October 1st, I’ll put up my Halloween decorations. My kids are older now, but all the neighbors keep asking when our 10 ft spider web is going up…tradition must keep on!

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