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Almost The New Year

This year has been rather chaotic. I am going to make 2020 more organized and little procrastination!

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No, seriously, I am going to get crap done and be organized! I think I had seven years off (no outside job) from mega chaos and now I don’t remember how to fit it all in without feeling overwhelmed. It actually helps me to be busy in order to get cleaning, stuff I enjoy, and kids stuff done. I was getting too use to sitting around and taking my sweet time. I will say it was enjoyable! Now, I will have something more to look forward to when I don’t have to work or kids in the house to pick up after. 🙂 Even though I do enjoy it!

Though having kids in the house does make the days happy and not lonely. I’m not sure if I will be lonely when the kids are all on their own. Though the way things have been going, one of the kid’s usually need a place to stay when things are rough for them. I truly don’t mind that because rent is outrageous on their own. Plus, it gives me someone to have around and cook for, when I want to cook. Lately, I have not wanted to cook, running out of ideas, or maybe I’m just losing my appetite. 😦

I am finding out having a job at home is as challenging if not more challenging than having one outside the home. I just need to shut my door and say I’m working! I get interrupted all the time. I like having the work at home job because I can make my own schedule, but then sometimes I don’t do time management as well as I should. Another task to work on for the new year. My sons’ could use some time management as well. 🙂

This year I did horrible at reading books! Only 3 read, but in my defense, my job requires a lot of reading so that did a bit of procrastination to not read books. I do want to! I need to write more because I feel happier when I write whether it is my stories or blogging or both! 🙂

I tried to make myself participate in NaNoWrimo this year but no luck, major writing block. Once again that time management thing.

Do you have any goals for the New Year?

  • Read
  • Write
  • Manage time better
  • Organize my clutter 🙂
  • Get rid of stuff (my kids will be happy)
  • Pay a couple bills off! (paid 2 in 2019)
  • Regular cleaning schedule.
  • Work, work, work
  • Fun time with hubby and kids.
  • Be healthy!


I am a writer and an artist, at least in my mind. :) I love to read!

2 thoughts on “Almost The New Year

  1. It’s good to assess and make changes. That’s good stuff!
    Working at home wasn’t great for me, either. When I was alone, I did better, but I do prefer going into work, I really do. There is something wonderfully freeing about driving home and away from work. I know some people do well with an office at home, but not me. I’m glad I stayed home as I did and I’m glad to work outside the home again. It’s all a balancing act.
    Since I returned to work full-time three years ago, I definitely blog less, have a less tidy home, and do not read as much. However, I make a heck of a lot more money, so you know, it’s a trade.
    The best thing I’ve found for cleaning is a strict rotation schedule. Either start with a clean house or the first few rotations are tough, but eventually it works out well. Also, it made me realize that chores take significantly less time than I’d thought.
    Good luck with your goals! 😀


  2. Thanks for the comment. I definitely need a strict rotation, New Year Resolution. Cleaning is never ending. If I am alone in the house I can accomplish all of it well but that has changed. When hubby is home I rarely get anything done. lol I miss going to a job but not the having to work when something is happening. I am a person who doesn’t ask off much. See how 2020 turns out! 🙂


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