Monday New Month

I did get up and worked my job for a couple hours. Yay! The job has been real slow. They have had software problems to little work on the projects. About all I can talk about without getting into trouble. 🙂 I hope it picks back up regularly because I like this project. Want that money too! 🙂

Now, I am kicking myself for not starting the work earlier. My time to accomplish all other tasks is almost done for the day, because I watch the granddaughter at about 3 pm. I tend to do that more and more since I don’t have a job outside of the house. I procrastinate more because I know I can do it later, maybe.

I love working at home when it works out. The key is time management. I like to put off things like deep cleaning and organizing and go for the fun stuff. 🙂 Like playing with the granddaughter and hanging out with the kids.

Our last one is graduating this year it’s getting real on being an empty nest. Though the kids move back here and there when things are rough and we have no problem with that. We have basic rules of pay YOUR bills, pay off bills, and NO opposite sex stays the night! I think that last one gets them to eventually move out! Win win. 🙂 We are not a sex house! LOL

Off to eat something. Have a fabulous day! 🙂


  1. Amanda · August 3, 2020

    Those are reasonable rules! 😉

    • 2bcreativeblog · August 5, 2020

      I think so! I figure if you don’t have a roommate you can trust to pay their share than living with us for awhile is ok. Rent is SO high in cities! Now, if we were living back home, in very small town, I’d be kicking them out! LOL Rent isn’t bad there. 🙂

  2. Farra "Ferrari" McChesney · September 6, 2020

    Very reasonable rules! I’m laughing so hard at the sex house comment! Bahahhahaah!
    You are so appreciated for all you do for us too Mama!

    • 2bcreativeblog · September 18, 2020

      I’m glad you can laugh at it. LOL We are always here for you. 🙂

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