thoughts on decorating

i watch hgtv regularly, noticed they like to put books on shelves backwards. OMG i want to see what the book is. i want to know what people have to read. im nosy like that. just looks weird.

im still one hand typing, sorry things are not capitalized.

most shows like using all white. i like color! some white is cool.

i love to decorate for all holidays. i dont know yet if i will do much this year. decorations are downstairs and one hand makes it challenging, but will take time. makes me cry to lose another thing i enjoy. losing a hand one one doesnt realize what they lose.

i cry everyday when a memory comes up. i try to not take the crazy med even though its low dose,0.5 mg. sometimes small cry fits other times big. it does clear my nose. lol i go through a lot of kleenex! my family asks what is wrong and i cant say because ill cry more.

but i took crazy pill, eating a cupcake, and drinking a pop. but i am drinking a veggie fruit drink too. i know not to eat sugar but damn i got to enjoy life!

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