Walking and Doctor

Today was doctor three lately. my main doctor, second one was actually good, third think he just didnt listen. he was an internal doc. the previous one was trying to get a kidney doc. my lab work the kidneys were in the 2.0 range. the other two ranges was so low it put me in the chronic kidney range. basically i dont drink enough water,havent since leaving high school. bad girl. i got sick in may from getting my teeth all pulled and really didnt drink. i finally started to like the water. i think i was tired of it because i didnt eat much to swish the food down. i liked water before i had my stroke in dec 12,2020. weird things have happened. i didnt care for the last doc but he said he’s going to get me in kidney doc just hope its near. gas is a little pricey. he told me to stop all supplements without even looking at them. maybe i too much detail. i didnt think they were bad. vitd3, magnesium, coq10 for my statin im taking, iron, vitamin.these were doctor not prescribed just copies presciption ones, different ones. i needed easy to swallow ones because no teeth doctor ones,big and no coating. i get the feeling he doesnt like ones without doctor approval. my family doctor seemed ok with them. confusing. he ordered new blood labs with my meds already taken and to see him next week. what good is that going to do already took them they will be on bloodwork. i also have an ultrasound next monday for kidneys but he wanted the appointment on monday. i would wait until after but we didnt make the appointment.he didnt really listen to my stroke information.i think he was as confused. not saying he is a bad doctor. the second doctor new to listen about the stroke. i liked her. she is the one that got me the kidney ultrasound. see what happens next monday.

we went walking at our pond again, i usually walk about 3000 steps which is good, stroke was dec.12, 2020. last two times without my cane. hubby holds it if needed. no bench breaks.i hope it doesnt get too cold early.good exercise. sorry for the errors right hand still doesnt work, yet. i wrote two of my kids left handed today. hopefully they can read it. lol

3 responses to “Walking and Doctor”

  1. I understand where you are coming from with having different doctors. I’ve had 4 different physical therapists since my knee surgery. All of them different from one another. Some I felt like they listened to me, others I felt like they were almost mocking me because they thought maybe I should have been further along (my surgery was complicated and my surgeon said it would take up to 2 years). All I wanted was a physical therapist who was patient, kind & extremely supportive and encouraging. My last physical therapist (home visits) was all that! She taught me great exercises & even taught me how to tape up my knees with the special tape! I told her no other physical therapist had taken the time to show me or tell me how the kinesiology tape would be game changer. Since using the kinesiology tape on my knees, my walking has improved. I loved how she encouraged me and really made me feel good, especially after the last physical therapist who sometimes I felt made fun of me. At the moment, I don’t want another physical therapist because all my visitations have been used up for the year, but I still need to go to an out patient rehab for physical therapy for an assessment. If my insurance approves (which I hope it doesn’t), I will continue. It’s hard to go to another physical therapist after I feel like I had the best of the best! She was the perfect physical therapist! And she is also a personal trainer! I’m improving on my own and my former pt (my last one) gave me some exercises I can do to improve on until next January when my visitations are all ready to go for the year. I hope you are able to keep the doctors you like and who listen to you. It makes the healing process much better and less stress & anxiety on the patient. Stay strong girl! 🙂


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