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Baking Brownies

I made brownies by myself. First time baking on my own. It was tiring but so fun to accomplish being I had a stroke last December. My right hand helped a little bit. I’m glad I have my mixer because I tried mixing by hand because that’s how I normally mix and I couldn’t mix it. Left hand not good at mixing. I even cleaned up my mess afterward.

I had to break the eggs in the measuring cup tp pick out the shells. Not good at one handed hand breaking. 🙂

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Little Things

I am so tickled with myself! I put hangers on our shirts and put them away. It’s taken until now to use my right hand to put the hanger on. I can now do the laundry. It wears me out but at least hubby has one less thing to do while he works all day and I did the task before!

The grandson helped me unload the dishwasher. I’ve been doing that for awhile. I wash a few dishes by hand but it’s still difficult to do. I even cleaned some surfaces off the other day. Feels good to get them done. I still get tired as heck. I get my steps and exercise in!

Hubby got me a GoFit Tube to exercise on my own. Excited for that, think I’ll wait till son and family leave because I’m sure I will be tired.

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Terrified Freedom

A good opinion!

The Witchy Warrior Blog

If you run the numbers according to data (at face value and not calculating any other factors like my age, health conditions, immune system efficiency, geographic location, etc)

My risk of dying from COVID19 is almost equal to my risk of dying from the Vaccine.

I’ve worn a mask, followed the rules mostly, been exposed/quarantine 12x, have asthma, practice good hygiene, traveled state lines, flown in planes, been in many public places frequently, was an essential worker the entire pandemic, spent days in the field with people from different states, shared chips with a COVID positive person (unknowingly at the time), been in and out of hospitals many times… and not once have I had COVID or anyone in my immediate family that I visit frequently for that matter.

Tell me again why I have no choice which risk I’d rather live with?
Oh, right.. because it’s not about me?

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I’m going shopping for a new puzzle and canvas for last puzzle finished.

This was fun. The cats were difficult. A few pieces were in the wrong spot but once i changed them it came together. For awhile I’m sticking with 750 pieces. it gets tiring with my right hand not fully moving.

And I think my new blood pressure is keeping my pressure 120/80s which I’m not use to. Tiring but good. It is a patch no pills to take. Yay!

I must keep up the walking, though weather is going to change. I will have to walk inside. I get up and move every so often and walk around. I need to build muscle. Hubby is going to make an arm exercise up here since I cant go to the basement. soon I hope! somedays I’m weak. I just want to be lazy but I got to push it. I’ve found some yoga stroke exercises. I need to do those and quit being lazy. Walking the park has been great. 1 mile each time. I wish my treadmill was up here but no room. got to get creative! I like that my family goes with me. 🙂

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I went to my new doctor and it went well. She even knew Dr. Sliter from my hometown. We talked a lot about my stroke last December. I gave her print outs of tests ran like the MRI that KU did and she was thrilled. Thinking it was the blood pressure.

She said it is fabulous that I have a good heart so we must keep the pressure down. She said it is odd, makes her want to go back to school, lol. They cant even figure it out. I’ve always been an odd ball.

She uped my Clonidine patch since the low dose wasnt working. Well it is making my gums swell but awesome blood pressure without having to swallow pills! I took a zyrtec and it is helping a bit. I dont want to give it up. I have high blood pressure because my kidneys are not working the way they should. Dang. Drink water but not too much. 8 glassesa day.

I see my kidney doctor in October plenty of time to drink water the way I should. 🙂

I published my book on September 1st! Obeyville Snoop.

There’s the image.

There’s many choices to choose from that are not listed here.

I began the book in 2012 during Nanowrimo. Reached the 50,000 words. Then edited in 2013 during camp wrimo in April down to 25,000 words. Edited it again in Fastpencil on October 2014.That’s how it was typed and ready to publish. I decided to put it away again and then had the stroke. i got the courage to go edit it again and publish. I thought why not, I was thinking I came close to not being here and not being published better do it. It’s difficult typing one hand though. I will work on the second one soon.

The whole book full of edits. I miss writing on paper. This is the printouts when I got down.

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“Rainbow Moonstone is useful for treating eye infections or blurred vision. It also regulates metabolism and relieves stress.

It balances hormones and treats the symptoms of PMS and menstrual cramps in women. It is also good for treating rheumatism and gout. “According to Crystals and Jewelry

To me it doesn’t look like rainbow but is a pretty rock. I like the polished looking rocks that are for jewelry. Please fix my blurred vision!

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Great news, my kidney ultrasound says I have two small cysts, but NO KIDNEY DISEASE! Drink water. I have few gallstones but no gallstone disease! Yay! One doctor said I had kidney disease 3 and the other 5! drink water! Glad that wasn’t true. But they were guessing off labs.

I do drink but have to admit my stroke mouth makes it a little difficult. Not to mention peeing and having to use one hand makes it difficult. But I will do it. Need to eat more veggies somehow. I’m getting better at that without teeth. Hopefully another a month or two can use my dentures. I slobber a lot so it makes it hard to use.

My hand can hold stuff to open things but wish it was better. My legs are doing pretty good at getting around. It’s been hot so no pond walking. Have to keep up. Must keep up. I do go shopping more when hubby asks, even though it’s tiring. I have walked around the pond three times without the cane, a mile. 🙂

I’ve found some Ytube videos ‘yoga for stroke victims’, I need to do them more.

Still trying to figure out my blood pressure. Too many doctors putting their input. I got a calming tea and lowered the pressure. Makes me wonder if anxiety through all this has something to do with it. Talk to my doctor about it Wednesday.

I wish my body would let me exercise faster. I know in due time.

But some happy news for the month and my first son and family will be here next week! Yay! Last time I was in the hospital.