Great news, my kidney ultrasound says I have two small cysts, but NO KIDNEY DISEASE! Drink water. I have few gallstones but no gallstone disease! Yay! One doctor said I had kidney disease 3 and the other 5! drink water! Glad that wasn’t true. But they were guessing off labs.

I do drink but have to admit my stroke mouth makes it a little difficult. Not to mention peeing and having to use one hand makes it difficult. But I will do it. Need to eat more veggies somehow. I’m getting better at that without teeth. Hopefully another a month or two can use my dentures. I slobber a lot so it makes it hard to use.

My hand can hold stuff to open things but wish it was better. My legs are doing pretty good at getting around. It’s been hot so no pond walking. Have to keep up. Must keep up. I do go shopping more when hubby asks, even though it’s tiring. I have walked around the pond three times without the cane, a mile. 🙂

I’ve found some Ytube videos ‘yoga for stroke victims’, I need to do them more.

Still trying to figure out my blood pressure. Too many doctors putting their input. I got a calming tea and lowered the pressure. Makes me wonder if anxiety through all this has something to do with it. Talk to my doctor about it Wednesday.

I wish my body would let me exercise faster. I know in due time.

But some happy news for the month and my first son and family will be here next week! Yay! Last time I was in the hospital.

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