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Cleaning Takes Work

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I decided to try sweeping today, for the most part my right hand cooperated. Angles were a bit twisting at times. Picking it up with the dustpan was crazy. I had use my right hand for the dustpan and left hand on the broom at bottom. Missed a few. My right hand likes to hold on when I dont want it to. lol So made the pan dump the trash a few times and had to do it over. lol It definitely takes more time.

I used some Mr Clean wipe thin cleanups. I like those! I scrubbed walls by the doors and the doors. It’s been awhile.

Now in the process of cleaning the laundry room but i had to sit down and drink of water. I’m going to do the towels and wash off the washer and dryer. Been awhile. I cleaned the towel closet. Found a nice pair of gloves. Finders keepers.

Eventually do the few dishes. I need to scrape the brownie pan. Think I’ll make banana bread mix. Cheating it is a mix for now. Baby steps. But I feel my arm doing more. Cant wait til I can fix my hair!


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