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I had a cover to keep my head steady, I assume. It was just a head scan for see if I had changes to my stroke. He was worried since my throat had changed. I went in for my nose being clogged and my throat, I couldnt breathe well.

Hubby and I tried every trick to get my nose to open up. It sucked. Then my mouth slowly blocked. I did a CT, x-ray to make sure I had not got food stuck. I can’t have contrast because of the kidneys. Bummer. I see him next week. Lab did show better results but still low. It lasted 40 minutes. I listened to 80’s music but the noise was louder. I tried to keep my eyes closed but no go. I kept looking at the scratch in the top, lol. She did give me a hand beeper, I think that was comforting. I had to take the blood pressure pill patch off first and then part way through my heart starting to hurt. I kept going, I didn’t want to do it over. Gladly I felt the guy say I’m pulling you out now. I sat up and started crying. I explained it hurt my heart. He said to relax awhile and that helped.

I always thought it was a long full tunnel, don’t think I could do those. It was to close inside as is but I think knowing I wasn’t fully in and had a beeper plus she was nice helped. Just give me years before I have to go again.

I looked back on my KU paper and see I did 3 MRI, 9 CT, AND 2 MRA. I have no idea what MRA is. They did so many tests i’m glad i was out of it, ekg, body xrays, etc. Did tests for cocaine, etc.. It ran 83,948.00 Wow. Hell pharmacy was 76,000.00 what I rip off.

The funny thing was the hallucination I had. I t must have been one of the MRI. I was put in a flying saucer and it went round and round forever I remember the noise and the music. I was so happy when it was done. I was crying. They took back to my room where hubby was and it was ice cold for what seemed like I long time. and dark. Weird. And another one I thought hubby and I volunteered for heat exposer in the room. Guess the heat was working. lol


I am a writer and an artist, at least in my mind. :) I love to read!

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