Pills Good or Bad

I had to take a lot to survive my stroke/brain bleed.

Prednisone- changed weekly. From Feb to April- 50mg to 10mg

Iron-325mg 2x day

Ergocalciferol- 1250mg 1x week til 3/4

Carvedilol- 25mg 2x day

hydralazine- 75mg 3x per day

potassium – 20mg 2x day

insulin checks 4x day but i usually didnt have to inject.

Pantoprazole – 40mg 1x day

amlodipine- 10mg 1x per day still take

atorvastatin- 40mg 1 day still take

calcium- 1200mg 1x day

fluoxetine- 20mg- made me depressed was suppose to fix it

lisinopril- 40mg 1x day

magnesium oxide- 400mg 1x day

multivitamin- 1x day

hydrochlorothiazide- 25mg 1x day

amantadine – 200mg 1x day was for tremors But gave me the tremors

melatonin- 3mg sometimes worked

baclofen- 10mg 1x day

clonazepam- .5mg when needed for crying spells, etc still take it once in awhile. it helps me sleep sometimes. makes my legs not want to move.

i was walking pill factory. i quit everything in June when I lost all the weight because of losing my teeth. I fainted 3x. Enough. Madonna prescribed them i believe. I’m now on still amlodipine and a new blood pressure patch, clonidine .3mg I like my doctor she knew i was tired of swallowing pills. 🙂

I also take magnesium, zinc,calcium, vit d combo pill, vitamin, probiotic, lipitor still, bayer81, and sometimes sleeping pill.

much better list of pills. But i think their list did the trick because my mri didnt show any active brain bleed.


  1. Carol anne · October 31

    wow! That is a lot!
    I’m on clonadine also! It helps my anxiety!
    I’m also on fluoxitine!
    60 MG!
    Sending hugs! <3

  2. 2bcreativeblog · October 31

    Good luck. I think it helps anxiety also. 🙂
    Hugs to you.

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