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What do you consider to be boring?

Before the stroke not really anything. I could make anything fun or interesting. Now even a show makes me bored. Reading. I think it is because I’m use to going hundred miles an hour and now I get tired. I cry a lot too. I could always hold my feelings in before, not now. I can’t drive because of my right hand, I’m not sure if it would be safe. So many things have changed. My family have been rock stars, or I wouldn’t have made it. Strong or not. It doesn’t help that I lost my teeth because I didn’t go to the dentist because I knew it would be expensive. Kids first and I pray they go as adults. I shy away from going places because it is I can’t be the same as before. But I keep going for hubby and kids and grandkids. It things seem boring. I planned on working this year. That’s out the door. Not even my home job, typing, speed. I’m more negative now which sucks. I use to see the positive side of things.

I’ll get there.

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

We have two kids home and one granddaughter. Yay. Wish the other two kids and families were here. Maybe next year and I hope to be back to normal by then. Slowly happening. Mostly tired and can’t wait til my teeth are in and I know how to use them. Swallowing without gets exhausting. Take good care of your teeth people! 🙂

Doctors don’t think my teeth were the cause of my stroke. I wonder how they can tell? I think it didn’t help plus my blood pressure. Almost a year. Sad day but glad my two boys and the er doc acted fast or I might not have been here. I had a brain bleed no blood cot.

We are having a typical dinner tomorrow. Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry, biscuits, deviled eggs, and pumpkin pie! Hope everyone has a great day! I’m thankful to have this year with my family!

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It’s cold

I swear since the stroke I am cold all the time. Sucks. I reached 8000 steps yesterday. I didn’t turn on the computer because the electricty went off a few times so I concentrated on moving around. Yay but now I’m tired. Happy Veteran’s Day to everyone and especially my daughter, son, and hubby!

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Exercising and WRITING

I think I got this to work after changing different themes.:)

I think I even got the easy part set up.

I spend most days exercising and writing on Nanowrimo!

This will be short because it took me Forever to change themes. At least it works now. No error. I had to go buy myself leggings instead of jeans the other day. I can’t wait to get into jeans, I miss them. But I have no butt right now. lol The leggings are way cheaper and comfortable. So I can live with that. 🙂

I can do some things with my right hand. Can’t wait til I can type and write. I miss journaling, art, scratching, make-up, putting my earings in, and cooking. I can do some things but would be great to do them all. 🙂

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Is it going to work. Jetpack added something and I couldn’t write was an error. 😦

Think it’s fixed now.

Too much to change and I can’t get rid of jetpack.

Maybe I turned it off?

I just want the simple writer back, no fancy stuff.

Makes me not want to write.

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I wrote the first three days and I am writing today. 🙂

I took a break from it yesterday. I wish I had both hands it would be easier. I’m exercising my arm so hope it will happen. Building up muscle. I look like a beam pole with the weight that I lost. lol

I’m listening to Christmas shows. I was watching Castle. And I’m drinking a coke, small. I’ve definitely downsized. Somedays I don”t drink any, now it’s WATER. I use to drink 32oz cups one or two a day with 4 glasses of water. I know bad habit but I don’t drink or smoke soooo ..but I know change my thinking pop not good. I use to drink once a week, then it was once a month, then none. lol Things change couldn’t handle the hangovers!

I suppose I better get back to writing and more walking around the house, my legs get water retention. 🙂

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30 Days of Gratitude… — Liz’s Blog
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