Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

We have two kids home and one granddaughter. Yay. Wish the other two kids and families were here. Maybe next year and I hope to be back to normal by then. Slowly happening. Mostly tired and can’t wait til my teeth are in and I know how to use them. Swallowing without gets exhausting. Take good care of your teeth people! 🙂

Doctors don’t think my teeth were the cause of my stroke. I wonder how they can tell? I think it didn’t help plus my blood pressure. Almost a year. Sad day but glad my two boys and the er doc acted fast or I might not have been here. I had a brain bleed no blood cot.

We are having a typical dinner tomorrow. Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry, biscuits, deviled eggs, and pumpkin pie! Hope everyone has a great day! I’m thankful to have this year with my family!

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  1. 2bcreativeblog · November 29

    Going to the dentist today for my wax fitting for dentures. Yay!

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