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Friday hmmm

I have washed the upstairs towels and cleaned the half bathroom the best I can. It’s exhausting with one hand and low energy. I want some of my fat back. lol I felt pretty good the last two days eating romaine lettuce and chicken. I just wish I had teeth. Soon. Next week another fitting and then the final teeth I believe. I’m so happy.

I have a new doctor or rather nurse. PN I think you call it, she seems good and interested in what I need. My doctor left today for a VA hospital, sad. But good for them. She is going to change my blood pressure pill at the next appointment. Thank goodness. It makes me tired, swell, and some other issues. Yay. My blood work was better this time. Kidneys looking better. The teeth will help I think and pill change.

I hate having issues. Was so use to having minor things but I had energy. I feel for people that have diseases and such. I miss working. I miss just going to get groceries and fixing meals for the family. So many changes. I’m adjusting but it does get me down and sometimes bored. I do have one son here to visit with and a daughter and granddaughter that visits most weekends. 🙂

Have a good weekend everybody. Off to fold the last towels. 🙂