How do you feel about fast food?

I like fast food way too much. It’s more about an easy meal, don’t have to cook, and something to do. It’s more about entertainment than food. I like all variety. Mcdonald’s because there is a choice beef, chicken, fish and I love their pop. Arbys when I want roast beef. L0ve their onion rings and cheese sticks. Taco Bell for something light or in the mood for nachos. I love nachos!


Things have changed. I can’t eat what I use to eat, no teeth, yet. Money has changed. I don’t work anymore and hubby changed jobs, less money but home at night now. Yay! I have to watch my cholestorol and blood pressure. So less fast food. I think after having a tube for feeding I lost interest. Weird. So many tastes have changed. I think for good. Plus most are by drive thru and lines long. Sucks for going out for eat in, because of covid, some places closed, sad. Lots of changes. Prices going up too. We try to come up with things at home which is good. 🙂

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