My own plane to KU hospital

Today marks my one year I flew to KU hospital in Kansas City.

I was outside decorating for Christmas with my two youngest sons.

A light here a light there.

It was a little chilly but nice for December.

Boys did great with hanging the lights.

Hubby was truck driving in Florida.

Daughter and granddaughter lived in Independence, Mo

Oldest son and family lived in Virginia Beach, Va

All rushed back when they could.

I flew with two medics, coffee or tea mam? lol

A little bumpy, a sky view out the window I could see.

I was wide awake.

I don’t remember ride to the hospital once landed.

I remember going up the elevator and the doctors in the ER.

I remember a few tests ran and there was a lot of them.

I remember hubby and Shay when they got there later.

I remember when the boys were at the hospital before I left for my plane.

Hubby told me that I got a call from Nancy 🙂

Hubby said a nurse kept pinching me and he told her I hear them.

And she said no and pinched me Hard, I raised my hand to hit her.


I could use my left and gradually got my legs back.

But sadly right arm stayed silently.

The nurses were nice and a bit fun.

Good care.

I felt like I had turned 80 years old not 49.

Hubby stayed in the room with me.

Farra came many times to see me and took care of things important.

They were my rock.

A month I stayed.

Moved to Madonna Rehab for another month.

Lots of rehab, speech, physical, and interaction.

Mostly by wheelchair until the gym.

I liked the gym, physical.

The were impressed how I walked and did the machines.

The hand was slow not much then.

Again nurses were awesome and therapists.

Farra brought cupcakes for my 50th birthday and shared with staff.

Released to go home the 4th of feb.

I was excited but also missed everyone on staff.

Farra came during the week and hubby on the weekend.

I was so happy to see the boys.

Nancy and Bill came up to see me at home. 🙂

She helped with all my meds, a lot.

Hubby became my caretaker for Feb, Mar, and April.

May he went back to work and Jessup became my caretaker.

I didn’t need as much help because my legs worked good,

My arm has improved.

We are getting back to normal after that brain bleed, stroke.

No bloodclot.

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