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If She is Sick — The Witchy Warrior Blog

I feel like growing up, I went to the doctor…never. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve definitely gone more often but especially when my daughter is sick. Maybe that has something to do with the fact the COVID19 Pandemic began when she was 10-11 months old. Before my daughter and the Pandemic though, if I wasn’t […]

If She is Sick — The Witchy Warrior Blog
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Books 2021

I read books by ebook and by physical book. I like the physical book best but ebook works right now because my right hand is not fully working. Getting better!

I want to read many next year just wish my goodreads widget would work.

I get better at writing about them, I hope. I try not to give much away but just enough. Gotta figure out goodreads. ?????

ebook- 7

book- 2

I have tons of books that I can read but they are downstairs and i’m not allowed down there yet. Maybe i will move them? I have downloaded a ton also.

Here’s to reading more in the new year!