We have been without city running water since wednesday afternoon. We had high winds and the pump house generator broke or something, it pumped ton of water into the basement and they had to suck it out. Empty the water towers, not sure what all happened. But it sucked for toilets. Be thankful for running water. I didn’t want to drink a lot for fear of using the toilet. It smelled to. We would empty it after awhile and tried not use the bottled water too much. Hubby robbed from the turtle tank. And then today he came home from work with the stomach flu. 😦 Felt bad for him. He walks so hunched over now, it looks like he is 90.

Boys and daughter did good trying to empty the toilets and wipe things down with clorox wipes. I don’t know why the city didn’t ask businesses to not to open until everyone has water running cause we still don’t have water. People must be using it for everything instead of just toilets because our side still has none. I want to cry. We sure rely on it. Our dishes are piling up. Of course we can’t drink it for a few days until they are sure it’s not bad. But we don’t have water anyway.

Seems weird to have hubby sick when I can’t completely take care of myself yet. The kids are helping good. My house is a mess and I like it tidy. Driving me nuts. Not good for going into holiday week. At least we have electricity. What a way to end the year. I pray next year is healthy and happy for all.

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