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Granddaughter Week

Me and Mr. Pineapple, queezey peezy until Zozo takes it away. lol 🙂
Uncle Jessup, the main sitter.

She likes him watching her because she can pick on him. lol It’s good for him instead of watching videos and gaming all day unless I need help which is getting less by the month. Yay! Mommy is at army training until Friday so we will have fun all week and be wore out. 🙂 She plays pretty good with her blocks and stuff. Only complaint like any kid never wants to eat at the table or a meal. Growing up I knew it was the law to eat at the table and at meal time. Times have changed. Society has gotten to busy. We ate most meals with our kids at the table but they did pick up bad habits with eating away from the table at all hours. Their friends and activities changed them to eat whenever and where ever. I miss Sunday dinners with the family. Good times and good food. Miss my grandparents.


I am a writer and an artist, at least in my mind. :) I love to read!

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