Lingerie WARS

Lingerie Wars by Janet Elizabeth Henderson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I enjoyed the book. Lake and Kirsty have a lingerie war because they each own a shop. It’s funny and exciting. They fall in love with each other. Her previous boyfriend and her wrecked their car, left her scarred from the wreck and ran off with her money. He is a bad person. Lots of interesting characters. Lake’s relative Betty has false teeth and she keeps losing them plus starting crap with the war. lol Lots of twists.

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Book 1 physical book

This is the first book by her that I have read. Normally I like lots of action but I did keep reading this one because it had lots of info about Egypt facts and I have always been fascinated about it. I don’t remember a lot of facts but I still enjoy reading. My friend from high school Theresa remembered that and got me the book. She is a big reader also. 🙂 The chapters were long and went back and forth from Egypt and Boston. It was a love triangle and was interesting. I really enjoyed the last 100 pages when it got good on the love triangle. I liked that the two men could get along for the daughter. You don’t see that often. I secretly hoped it went the other man but you have to read it to find out. 🙂 First long book I have read in a while. I am going to find another one from her.

Rainbow Moonstone

A poem

Happy and free

Smoother transition into meditation

Calm the physical mind

From chatter can effect state

Perfect stone for present and mindful

Allows Crown Chakara to open and Bring in loving energies

Helps you to remember your true nature

Crystal milky white to marbled black and white pattern

Vibrations of feminine or goddess energy

Displays blue and sheen multicolored sheen

Unwanted energies or influences

Wisdom, banishes fears, strengthens oneself

Excellent stone for emotions.

I wrote the poem left handed and from info I found. It’s been awhile since I wrote a poem. 🙂

My day usually :)

I try to stretch everyday, all limbs. Most days I do the treadmill for 10mins. .25 mile and 8-10mins. then I do the row step machine where I sit not stand 10 mins. and throughout the day I use my leg cycle for maybe 250-1000 steps each whatever I can handle. Somedays I have energy and other days I don’t. 🙂

I used my right hand to click to add all the pictures! A new for me.

The hand movements have come a long way. I’m happy. A ways to go. Putting my right hand on the treadmill has helped my movement, my grasp especially. Before the stroke I had to hold on, I couldn’t balance on my own. My hand use to not let go and it’s slowly releasing it. My hand doesn’t completely fan out yet, when doing the pushups with my knees up but I like doing them in the last month. Need muscle! Walking the stairs have gotten easier. And doing the laundry is better. It feels good to improve more. Makes the day go faster. Makes me happy.

And doing dishes is getting easier. I’ve been doing them since I was 5 years old, mean stepmom, 🙂 Never thought I would miss it. Makes my cuticles soft. I switched to plastic dishes, lots easier than stoneware. We have a dishwasher for when there is a lot to do. My energy isn’t there yet for lots of work. 🙂

Yesterday Was My Birthday

Hubby got me some new pants and a couple shirts. I didn’t take a picture of the shirts but they are long sleeve and bright colors. A pair of pajama bottoms. One good thing about losing weight, a new wardrobe! The daughter has bought me a lot of clothes since last year. She likes buying clothes. 🙂

Tomorrow she’s bringing cupcakes. Yay. And so far hubby’s brother and his almost spouse is coming to see us also. She is also one of my best friends in fact we got them together when we were married. They are in no hurry to get married, 20 years.

The weather seems to be nice compared to the last few days. In fact the next week in the 40-50s sounds good to me. Anymore I don’t care for the freezing temps. Need to gain back my extra flubber. lol But not all flubber. I would like some butt to come back and my boobs. lol

It was a good birthday, I was in rehab from my stroke from December 2020 so great day this year with family and hopefully friends.

So happy

Took me awhile to figure out the video portion. Ignore the background noise. lol This is my movement of my stroke hand. Feels good to move it the strength isn’t there yet but i keep working on it. 🙂

I have a pair of jeans! The first pair since December 2020! I have missed wearing them. I like my sweats but i’m a jeans kinda girl!

I was able to write with my stroke hand! I hope to draw a bit this week or next. Tomorrow is my birthday and the 4th is when I came home from rehab last year. Big improvements and hopefully bigger ones by this summer!