Yesterday Was My Birthday

Hubby got me some new pants and a couple shirts. I didn’t take a picture of the shirts but they are long sleeve and bright colors. A pair of pajama bottoms. One good thing about losing weight, a new wardrobe! The daughter has bought me a lot of clothes since last year. She likes buying clothes. 🙂

Tomorrow she’s bringing cupcakes. Yay. And so far hubby’s brother and his almost spouse is coming to see us also. She is also one of my best friends in fact we got them together when we were married. They are in no hurry to get married, 20 years.

The weather seems to be nice compared to the last few days. In fact the next week in the 40-50s sounds good to me. Anymore I don’t care for the freezing temps. Need to gain back my extra flubber. lol But not all flubber. I would like some butt to come back and my boobs. lol

It was a good birthday, I was in rehab from my stroke from December 2020 so great day this year with family and hopefully friends.


  1. florriestacks · February 9

    Happy birthday. Remember every day is a new Day. God almighty is our helper and our fortress. I love your blog

    • 2bcreativeblog · February 11

      I will and thank you.

      • florriestacks · February 13

        Hey. Have you ever tried some Pills. I could ship anything you need from my shop directly at your doorstep.

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