The thing I miss most is going out dancing. Of course moving here we don’t do that anymore. I miss that the most about my hometown. Many dances with friends and coworkers in my 30s when I met hubby. So much fun. He still breaks out into dance moves once in a while. I’ll get there. Of course drinking was involved but hubby didn’t do much of that. I was a slush, lol. He can swing dance to country music too. That was fun. My dad was good with that.

I was also on dance team in high school. I use to make up routines and went to summer camp every summer. The fun.

Took the daughter to a few dances while she was in high school. My designated driver. Small town so they let her in with me. She thought that was fun.

My years are filled with dancing.


  1. Maddie Cochere · March 9

    You were on a dance team! I didn’t know that about you. How cool and fun. I’m sure you do have many great memories. Dances are the best. 🙂

    • 2bcreativeblog · March 9

      I loved dance team. I was robbed of captain by the mean girls in the class ahead of me. I dated a guy in their class all through school and it made them mad. lol

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