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Rule As A Kid

What one rule from your childhood do you not agree with now that you’re an adult? (400 writing prompts book) No drinking or eating in other rooms.

We have adopted the rule, no drinking and eating in other rooms than the kitchen as long as you pick up right after. But they don’t always obey right away.

My kids leave dishes for weeks before bringing them down to the kitchen. Plus spilling. I wished we had never let them eat in other rooms besides the kitchen area.

Growing up we always ate every meal together in the kitchen.

We were spoiled, had a tv on the fridge so we could watch tv. Usually news and game shows. A time when we only had 13 channels. lol But it was color! The black and white one was in my room, a 13inch tv. I usually listened to music and read. Grandpa figured out how to splice cable to be in every room. My room, grandparents room, living room, kitchen, and where the pool table was. I lived with my grandparents from the time I was six until I graduated. Good times. It was awesome having a pool table room, which was a separate little house, one room, we called the Shanty. Lots of playing pool. Lots of family get togethers. Aunts, uncles, cousins and great aunts, uncles, cousins too. My grandma had 15 siblings, it was a blast. Grandpa had several half siblings too. Some lived close by, but several lived miles away but they would visit. Now most are gone. 😦

Our living room is open to the dining room so we eat in there now that everyone is graduated. We did eat most suppers as a family at the table but there were several times they asked to eat in their rooms as teenagers. Since I had my stroke usually I’m only eat at the table.

Kinda lonely.

Hubby sits in his chair because the table chairs hurt his back. Dang times have changed.

Our current house.
Our house in my hometown, our first house. The boys were young.
Grandparents house which we still have. The Shanty is the little room in the background there. Big yard.


I am a writer and an artist, at least in my mind. :) I love to read!

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