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Mother’s day events.

My daughter gave me an exercise ball by request. It was fun watching everyone try it out. In fact I was laughing and fell off, not hurt. lol
I tried it at lunch when hubby was home. Fun to bounce on.
Alot of exercises eventually…
The daughter in law and son and grandson got me the fairy house. I collect those. And the mushrooms. 😉

Looks cool at night. 🙂
Hubby made me a key holder, got tired of them falling. lol he’s creative.
a person mowing the lawn
Photo by Magic K on

Jessup mowed! Hope to be able to again soon. He didn’t get his allergies! Win win. The youngest didn’t come home finishing up college.

My day was good. Went shopping with the daughter and granddaughter. She bought me two night sleepers(shorts and shirt, so soft), a pan, and muffin pan. She spoils us. She also gave me some lotion.

Hope every lady had a good day, eating, resting, or Reading!


I am a writer and an artist, at least in my mind. :) I love to read!

2 thoughts on “Mother’s day events.

  1. What a lovely day you had! I’ve never seen mushroom houses. They are so cute! And yes, those are a lot of exercises on that ball. Have fun with it, but be careful, too!


    1. i have the granddaughter this week and next so no exercise on the ball. She likes to help. lol I love the mushrooms. The wind was bad here last night and knocked it over had to put it back up. 🙂 Walks in the park is still good, it wears her out.


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