Non-dominate Hand

I didn’t think about my left (non dominate) hand needing to be stronger than my right until I had to go through it (stroke) . I feel for anyone having to switch hands cause of illness, physical ailments, etc. My left is getting stronger but there is a lot I can’t do as well. Practice practice exercise exercise. Word of advice, give both hands equal time in strength and using them. Because it’s a bitch when you have to use the one you are not use to. I must say I have learned to work my left to accomplish tasks, might be funny and many accidents. lol Maybe it will create a funny story in the future. lol I know I will jump for joy when both my hands are equally moving etc. I have to ask for help for things like opening jars, packages, and clothes but it’s getting better. Strength is much needed now. I will be a super human when both hands are moving! And keep them both moving. I am thankful to have at least one hand. Hubby said in the hospital I couldn’t move both for a short time and then I started moving my left hand over and over, exercising. Weird that I would choose my left over the right but maybe I knew my left would help me be independent. Things in our house are mostly on my left side so made it easier. Less I had to depend on someone. Or maybe because several family members are left handed, my dad (they changed him in school) my son, and my cousin. I think weird sometimes. lol

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