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Dryer Burned Out

black and white clean housework launderette
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We have got a lot of use out of it but looks like a laundromat might be in the future. I could use a clothesline about now. I had one at the old house. I don’t mind them. We have steps to go down to get to the yard could be a problem. hmmm.

1st dryer, grandparents got one at an auction.

2nd dryer, a second hand one, used a laundromat mostly to get it done because it wasn’t that good of one. Two small kids in tow. lol

3rd , I bought brand new and was great. Until two kids and neighbor boy played hide n seek in it, still worked for while.

4th, grandma bought one as a wedding gift for us. Very good one.

5th, hubby and i bought one through the military card. Lots of use out of it. 4 kids and 2 adults and now grandkids. can’t complain.

6th, ??? wonder??? fix it if can be or hang dry for a while or new??? decisions