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Funny Monday lol

Today the daughter was getting the granddaughter ready to go home and asked her to put on her shoes. She had them on a few hours ago so we knew they were in the house somewhere. My hubby was home for lunch and was getting ready to go back to work, set out to find the shoe with everyone else. He emptied her backpack, looked under furniture, looked in other rooms, but had to leave. Where could that shoe be? We were bound determined to find it even though she has other shoes here. She’s like her momma and loves shoes. lol Jessup was looking with us. Zozo was a bit upset we couldn’t find it. So momma put another pair on her. Said their goodbyes and left. I did a few things and put the towels in the dryer from having hanged them, to fluff them up. The dryer is fixed thank goodness glad hubby knows electronics, cost was $245.00 much cheaper than a new one. I sat down for a bit and happen to look up at the treadmill, I burst out laughing, oh my, I remember her putting the shoe there. lol None of us had looked up. Oh boy. They are going to laugh. Happy Monday 🙂
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Stormie Weather

There was some weather back home where we still have our house and grandparents. Knocked out windows and did car damage. Pretty good hail no tornado but did damage. Sometimes the wind does worse in that area, northwest Kansas.

Our house. Sad. The only one thank goodness.

Grandparents house. So sad but it needs work done anyway just wasn’t ready for this. Old windows, many storms, board it up until we fix the house with new windows. So glad we have family there to help us take care of it. With gas prices it is a little hard to go fix, a 4 hour drive from here. We are going to fix it good just need to do the roof this fall first. Many things to fix but it will get done because we want to. It is for the grandparents even though they are gone to heaven. The family house, my home for most of my life. A small town but lots of good memories.

Our house is going to be broken down and use at grandparents. Lots of good wood, remaining windows, kitchen counters, etc. It is the right thing to do for the family I hope they will see that. Would be nice to win the lottery but that won’t happen. lol

Life stuff happens.