Funny Monday lol

Today the daughter was getting the granddaughter ready to go home and asked her to put on her shoes. She had them on a few hours ago so we knew they were in the house somewhere. My hubby was home for lunch and was getting ready to go back to work, set out to find the shoe with everyone else. He emptied her backpack, looked under furniture, looked in other rooms, but had to leave. Where could that shoe be? We were bound determined to find it even though she has other shoes here. She’s like her momma and loves shoes. lol Jessup was looking with us. Zozo was a bit upset we couldn’t find it. So momma put another pair on her. Said their goodbyes and left. I did a few things and put the towels in the dryer from having hanged them, to fluff them up. The dryer is fixed thank goodness glad hubby knows electronics, cost was $245.00 much cheaper than a new one. I sat down for a bit and happen to look up at the treadmill, I burst out laughing, oh my, I remember her putting the shoe there. lol None of us had looked up. Oh boy. They are going to laugh. Happy Monday 🙂

2 responses to “Funny Monday lol”

  1. Very cute! Looking up.

    Have you ever had anyone in your family think there is no butter, or pickles, or something else in the refrigerator, but if they would simply bend over and look in the back, they would find what they were looking for? That was my guys – always thought we were out of something because they didn’t bend over to look. 🙂


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