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Hum Drum

Had a good weekend watching the granddaughter for her mommy to go to drill weekend. And I thought I was done with those. At least I have help with her. I’m amazed that I did them by self from 1999-2014 when hubby was in the Navy reserves and then the army reserves until retirement. I think if I had been with him his entire career, would have handled it???? My immaturity says no, but my love says hell yea!

He was a great grandpa, made her a tent fort!

I loved making these as a kid. Brought back good memories.


I am a writer and an artist, at least in my mind. :) I love to read!

5 thoughts on “Hum Drum

  1. How fun! I agree, tent forts from furniture and blankets are the best! You both did good! Another fun thing we used to do was to buy a skein of yarn, give it to our son, and tell him to crazy in his bedroom being spiderman. We’d tie one end to something and then leave him alone. We’d come back later (much later) and find the room strung from top to bottom in all directions. We could never undo it all; we had to use scissors to cut him out! 🙂


    1. That sounds interesting and fun for your son. My sorority did that with yarn, made a color to the “mom” we had to find from the front door to her. lots of yarn to step over, think 30 some girls if i remember, a different color find her, long time ago, 1990. lol


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