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The short story. See if this is big enough. Write some words today. What will I write? One handed because two does not work well and that is ok for now. I am wearing my teeth on top. A bit of saliva. My eyesight is blurry. That makes things better. Text is bigger. I do not remember too much about a laptop because I was using a mouse for a long time before. Lots of changes to word. Must figure it all out again. See if this will help on the floor. I cannot type with two, sucks. Sitting on the floor with the laptop between my legs. Butt is still not big enough, it is skinny, so it is a little uncomfortable. Think I can get 500 words. A need a story. Think of one. I like that it capitalizes my words for me. I am eating a bologna sandwich. Yum. And a glass of milk. I am a slop eating with my teeth. It is only the top teeth. The bottom ones do not fit, they move while eating. We must get the denture fix stuff, it worked great on the top. But it costs and must wait a bit, that is ok. My top is ok, plus I eat a lot with no teeth. I have learned to gum stuff to death. Lol I hope I can transfer this to my blog wish word worked with it. Using one hand has its downfalls. And my nose runs so I have that obstacle. I might sit outside and read my friend’s e-book. Sounds like a plan.

I almost have the book done, reading that is. Been emotional the last two days, just the stupid stroke. Doctors said that would happen. But it is better than last summer, progress.

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