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short story possibility

Fairy Tangles 

This wind is crazy. I do think it is a beautiful view up here. I must keep my eyes open for the purple stone my master is looking for. A particularly important stone with magical powers she says. It will help her to find her best friend who has disappeared recently. She is so sad; I must find it. I need to unite them soon. Lots of flower’s blooming, it is in the flowers. Where would I hide?  

Lots of purple flowers in the flower bed. It will be difficult to find it. The last clue said to look in the flowers.  

If we have the clue right.  

What if it is the wrong clue? I trust my master she is intelligent.  

I will fly lower through the flower tops. Get a closer look at the ground. Zoom watch for that flower stem! Ouch. 

The stem felt prickly. Flowers are not supposed to be prickly. Only roses and these are not roses. Looking at the stem, those are thorns!  

Why would they have thorns? Is it because they are protecting something. I need to fly lower. Fly at the lowest altitude. Without killing myself of course. Zoom. I almost hit the ground. Sprinkle some fairy dust to see if a purple stone is in this flower bed. Just wide-open ground. Bummer this task is a no go.  

On to the next flower bed. Getting my flight time in. 

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