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It’s the pits to get reviews on any site. I don’t have many sold but the ones I have don’t use reviews. Bummer but glad for people reading my book. Makes me wonder if I don’t review enough. I’ve gotten better but not always good writing reviews but at least i write something.

Playing with the settings on the writing tool. :0

it will be nice to type with both hands, at least i hope it happens. i am getting good typing with one hand just not capitalizing it. lol i get lazy typing. i was a fast typist. i was good in typewriter class, showing my age now. lol i loved that class. I had a typewriter the old kind and I had an electric one. Still have it but can’t get ribbons anymore. Amazing how things have changed.

black and white typewriter on white table
Photo by cottonbro on mine was like this.

The photo image didn’t know what a wordprocesser was. I had one of those. I will look for it when we go back home. it would show up on a small screen what I typed. But it was similar to a typewriter. Computers were for people who were rich or high intelligence in the job. it took a while for my family to use computers at home. Grandpa taught himself at work, parts manager. He was mad a lot learning it. lol I only learned at school. I didn’t get one till late 20s and it was used and slow. lol A lot has changed.

When did you get your first computer?


I am a writer and an artist, at least in my mind. :) I love to read!

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