picture purfect

She had to pose to send to her mom. lol

She loves to take pictures. Going to miss having her here every day but glad her mom will have her. I need my body back to handle her. lol I wish I could drive and take her places, like the park. We were at the store, and she was being nice and holding my hand, but would walk into me. lol Really doesn’t work well holding my right hand, stroke hand, getting better but my balance is still off. I wonder if this is how it is when we are kids learning to walk. lol

I miss driving, almost 2 years since I drove. Miss my independence. It is nice my hubby and kids help me but I was very independent before. I hope someday again. I do adjust but gets me sad.


  1. Maddie Cochere · 13 Days Ago

    She is such a cutie! We sure do take a lot of things for granted, don’t we? I know I used to have Rich drive me everywhere – even though I could drive. There will come a day when you will be driving Granddaughter somewhere and you’ll reminisce about the time when you couldn’t drive. It will come.

    • 2bcreativeblog · 11 Days Ago

      Thank you for the kind words, helps me to hope for the best.

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