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Our Remodeling Thru The Years

The first room was a large room and we made it into 2 rooms, one a bedroom and a bonus room. I’ll have to take some pictures when we go back. Missed taking them when done. Find some regular picts?

The backyard when hubby and his brother put up the fence. The two houses are gone behind the fence. They finally tore down. The two photos with the insulation and junk is now inside and a laundry room. Will find those.

It’s a 100-year-old house, two houses put together. I believe it was a shop house before someone lived in it. In fact, as a kid walking by a man would sit in his chair and wave to me. Nice person. He later died in the house and someone else moved in and began to fix it. I don’t think I ever told the kids that. Shh.

The green room became the oldest kid, daughter, is the room below the fence picture above. Then it became the youngest son. Painted it for him. lol

You can see the finished fence up above with hubby, thinking.

The blue room is actually the covered carport and became the second kid, son’s room. Then after him the third kids got it. We tore up the carpet because it was very dirty and were planning on different covering. That’s the youngest grown now son. I think he was a sophomore in the picture?

It was the only room completely finished before we tore it up. lol

I have so many pictures to sort thru. I think that is why I get bored, we have always been busy remodeling.

Right arm get better! 🙂

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SKY ANGELS: Flying over the Rocky Mountains

the video is cool.

Amanda's Camelot

Hello sweet friends.

I am saddened by the horrific accident that occurred at the Dallas Air Show yesterday. 6 lives were lost of those who served our country by doing what they loved best. Many of them were volunteers to fly vintage airplanes around the country and I know they were skilled pilots who only wanted to share their passion of planes to others. Vintage planes are few and far between; not many exist anymore so to see them in person is incredible as they are a piece of our history. May they rest in peace in the skies above where they probably felt at home and happiest at.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I have a deep connection to airplanes. I have been flying in them since I was a toddler. My first incredible memory of flying in an airplane was when I was about 4…

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