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SKY ANGELS: Flying over the Rocky Mountains

the video is cool.

Amanda's Camelot

Hello sweet friends.

I am saddened by the horrific accident that occurred at the Dallas Air Show yesterday. 6 lives were lost of those who served our country by doing what they loved best. Many of them were volunteers to fly vintage airplanes around the country and I know they were skilled pilots who only wanted to share their passion of planes to others. Vintage planes are few and far between; not many exist anymore so to see them in person is incredible as they are a piece of our history. May they rest in peace in the skies above where they probably felt at home and happiest at.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I have a deep connection to airplanes. I have been flying in them since I was a toddler. My first incredible memory of flying in an airplane was when I was about 4…

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