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Tuesday…Thankful For First Friends/School Friends

First friends and school friends mold a person. They are the people you grow with and talk to when you can’t talk to an adult. They make you laugh and sometimes cry but they are there for you. And if you are lucky, they stay lifelong friends. We are lucky these days to have social media to stay in touch and even embarrass them. lol

Friends in grade school, jr. high, and high school. We had about 10 of us girls that hung together, not always close but branched off in pairs. Fun times, fighting times, when do girls not fight. lol

In high school we went in different directions but new each girl was there if you needed her. I’m glad for digital now at least pics look better. lol

The good thing of a small-town small class sizes so we knew everyone. Most of the time we got along with everyone. Our class was 50. Students moved away and sometimes we got new ones. Thanks to all my childhood friends, great memories.

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Monday Thankful Family

Family on all sides is a big thing for me.

My dad’s side, the side I grew up with and love the memories. We went on trips and holidays. Loving times and fun. Dad wasn’t always there but he made a few. My aunt M and Uncle D were like a second set of parents. It sucks that we don’t see each other these days but distance and the grandparents being gone totally changed the family. The saying who holds the glue to the family is so true. But I do have so many great memories I will forever cherish. It was always my aunt, uncle, two cousins and the grandparents. A few moments with our kids and spouses to the mix. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

If I could change one thing, I would change my choices financially. I would make myself less of a procrastinator and more of a getter done person. I was too chillaxed. Too much.

This is my mom’s side, only have a few pictures.

There is many more, but I don’t have pictures. They have been fun to get to know. I do wish I could have known them more growing up, but things happen just make the most of today.

The family I married into. They are great. They love the outdoors!

Good memories and it’s fun to hear hubby talk about them.

I hope our kids will be close and be together as much as possible. Help each other don’t fight. Or I will haunt you. lol

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Thankful for……Apples of My Eye

Being able to watch this little one this year. Getting better. Not as tired. Like helping her mom out because i remember being a single mom and needing helpers. My Aunt Mary and grandma Marie helped me so much!

He is so patient with me, love him so much. Our whole marriage has been crazy but wonderful. He is finally cleaning his nightstand. I do miss cleaning, crazy, but I was raised by a grandma that always had a clean home. Miss her. She loved him too. Wish grandpa knew him but I believe he sent him to me.

My grandson he is so wonderful. He was not feeling well here, his mom sent me the pic. I’m so excited he is doing great in school. He reminds me so much of his dad. A great kid. Hopefully in the future he will be closer to us so we can see him more and share times with him as he grows up.

I’m so thankful for this family. The best! 3 boys, 1 daughter, 1 daughter in law but I see her as a daughter. A hubby that does so much for us.

I hope to post more thankful through the week.

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Winter Blues or Just What the Heck

Wednesday, I got a text that my mom was in the hospital with a blood clot in her leg. My Aunt, her youngest sister, said she had to talk her into having it amputated because she has problems all the time and their mom, my grandma died of a blood clot in the leg when I was jr. high?

I need to find her letters; she was great at writing to me and keeping me from hating my mom. I know sounds really awful. It was a time that my dad’s family thought bad of her and said things they shouldn’t. I eavesdropped to, a snoop.

My dad got custody of me when they divorced when I was 2. Proved she was unfit. She was wild. Hence the 70s. So that stuff went on with families, they aren’t bad people just the way things were. I didn’t hate her but was very confused why I never saw her. Well, she lived in Montana and me in Kansas, long distance to travel when you don’t have much money and other kids.

I won’t go into personal family stuff just say gossip was big in our family, I listened when they didn’t know I was listening. I actually have memories of her when I was 2, say no way, yes way I remember her and my brother M. I felt a connection to him and have more than my other 2 brothers and sister. I don’t have many memories like one does with parents, so the connection is not there.

She had a motorcycle wreck in 8th grade, think remembering right. Broke her neck and in the hospital was the first time I ever got to see her since when I was little, and they split. Talk about weird. Not to mention a confusing age a girl needs her mom.

I stayed a few days with her two sisters and had a blast. Super nice and I needed that. Brother M is older but the other 3 siblings were very little. It was fun, remember holding my sister as a baby. Her new husband wrecked to but not as bad as mom. The doctors told her she would never walk again. She said bull and walked again! Stubborn and determined. I guess that is where I get it from.

It was scary seeing her neck being pulled with weights. That’s what I remember her looking like. I didn’t even get to hug her. I think that had a lot to do with my actions through jr high and high school and even 20s. I was messed up.

But glad to say she stayed with us when I graduated, and grandma loved talking with her. They both liked the Enquirer. lol My friends were confused who she was when we went to the party because they knew grandma as my mom. Yes, both my parents were known to go partying with me. We all had the wild gene.

I did get to see her several times after graduation. It was nice getting to know her and my siblings. Still, we all have our problems, but we are growing out of them. My dad has passed, 2012, cancer, smoked a lot. He was in and out of my life, but he was a fun dad. Great memories and its own confusing ones. I haven’t seen mom since 2010 when my younger brother passed. He had a seizure. 😦

My mom made it through surgery, cut her left leg to the knee. My brother M is there, hopefully get things done so she is taken care of. Sucks to be sick and can’t be there. Maybe this summer.


mom and aunt

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A Christmas Work Party

This is hubby’s second year working for the Chevy dealership as a mechanic. He loves working on cars. He currently has an old Impala to fix in our garage, doing it all, body, electronics, engine, etc. Hopefully the government doesn’t ruin it. Blah.

Last year the second oldest son went with us, but this year we had the granddaughter because the army had her mommy at a training in New Jersey. So, the son watched Zozo so both of us could go. I was in better health as well. The second year after the stroke, more independence. I also had my top teeth in didn’t have any last year. Still getting use to them but I ate ok and talking was a bit muffled but was before no teeth out. lol The bottom ones don’t stay in, so I didn’t chance putting them in. Working on it, may just be the stroke still interfering who knows.

Some random pictures, none of me, don’t do selfies well, and can use my left hand only.

They had the theme of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Some dressed up and giveaway gifts the lady came up with quotes from the movie. They were funny. Hubby won decorations and a Drone! He’s been playing with that ever since. Hitting furniture, lol. A big kid!!! Oh, and we got jelly of the month jars to take home. lol

Yummy food was catered in. Chicken, pork, green beans, rolls, potatoes, apple, cherry, peach crisps. Hubby ate the heck out of the mixed nuts on the table. lol I miss eating them, my teeth don’t handle crunchy stuff, yet.

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A Weekend Getaway

2022 army family day

Friday: Hubby took off early since he had over 40 hours of work. He’s a work acholic like I use to be. He says if he stops working, he will go downhill. I don’t think so, but he will get bored. He rarely takes off except company days off. Mostly, why I want to get back to work so he can at least retire a bit, he deserves it. 🙂 I had planned on working again until the stroke happened. Both boys would be graduated so off to work for me didn’t care if it was fast food or not. Oh well.

When we got to the daughter’s town, we met her and Zozo at Dickey’s BBQ for supper. Love that place. Pulled pork, baked beans, mac and cheese, and roll. Afterwards said goodbye until the next day and went to the reserve center for lunch and games.

The daughter was one of the soldiers to get pie in the face, shaving creme and syrup. Hubby bid on her and got to throw it in her face. He got a pie in his face then, payback for when they were deployed together in 2012! It was funny.

Food was a yummy taco bar by friend Jason and pizza for extra. A ladies group made sweets for dessert. All good.

Zozo had fun with the kids climbing over everything. We were afraid she would fall and hit her head. Parent, old school. lol

The hotel has tall beds! Not for short people like me. lol They had cool reading lights. Made my day!

On the way back we went the other way and went to Barnes & Nobles. Hubby spoiled me, his Christmas gift to me. He got 3 books of his favorite series that he read when he was in the active-duty Navy before he met me. I’m rubbing off on him. lol

Pretty good group. 🙂 Daughter did good organizing the event. Got good remarks from her commander. She said she loves to work with her. I knew she was a leader growing up. 🙂