A Weekend Getaway

2022 army family day

Friday: Hubby took off early since he had over 40 hours of work. He’s a work acholic like I use to be. He says if he stops working, he will go downhill. I don’t think so, but he will get bored. He rarely takes off except company days off. Mostly, why I want to get back to work so he can at least retire a bit, he deserves it. 🙂 I had planned on working again until the stroke happened. Both boys would be graduated so off to work for me didn’t care if it was fast food or not. Oh well.

When we got to the daughter’s town, we met her and Zozo at Dickey’s BBQ for supper. Love that place. Pulled pork, baked beans, mac and cheese, and roll. Afterwards said goodbye until the next day and went to the reserve center for lunch and games.

The daughter was one of the soldiers to get pie in the face, shaving creme and syrup. Hubby bid on her and got to throw it in her face. He got a pie in his face then, payback for when they were deployed together in 2012! It was funny.

Food was a yummy taco bar by friend Jason and pizza for extra. A ladies group made sweets for dessert. All good.

Zozo had fun with the kids climbing over everything. We were afraid she would fall and hit her head. Parent, old school. lol

The hotel has tall beds! Not for short people like me. lol They had cool reading lights. Made my day!

On the way back we went the other way and went to Barnes & Nobles. Hubby spoiled me, his Christmas gift to me. He got 3 books of his favorite series that he read when he was in the active-duty Navy before he met me. I’m rubbing off on him. lol

Pretty good group. 🙂 Daughter did good organizing the event. Got good remarks from her commander. She said she loves to work with her. I knew she was a leader growing up. 🙂


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