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A Christmas Work Party

This is hubby’s second year working for the Chevy dealership as a mechanic. He loves working on cars. He currently has an old Impala to fix in our garage, doing it all, body, electronics, engine, etc. Hopefully the government doesn’t ruin it. Blah.

Last year the second oldest son went with us, but this year we had the granddaughter because the army had her mommy at a training in New Jersey. So, the son watched Zozo so both of us could go. I was in better health as well. The second year after the stroke, more independence. I also had my top teeth in didn’t have any last year. Still getting use to them but I ate ok and talking was a bit muffled but was before no teeth out. lol The bottom ones don’t stay in, so I didn’t chance putting them in. Working on it, may just be the stroke still interfering who knows.

Some random pictures, none of me, don’t do selfies well, and can use my left hand only.

They had the theme of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Some dressed up and giveaway gifts the lady came up with quotes from the movie. They were funny. Hubby won decorations and a Drone! He’s been playing with that ever since. Hitting furniture, lol. A big kid!!! Oh, and we got jelly of the month jars to take home. lol

Yummy food was catered in. Chicken, pork, green beans, rolls, potatoes, apple, cherry, peach crisps. Hubby ate the heck out of the mixed nuts on the table. lol I miss eating them, my teeth don’t handle crunchy stuff, yet.


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