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Tuesday…Thankful For First Friends/School Friends

First friends and school friends mold a person. They are the people you grow with and talk to when you can’t talk to an adult. They make you laugh and sometimes cry but they are there for you. And if you are lucky, they stay lifelong friends. We are lucky these days to have social media to stay in touch and even embarrass them. lol

Friends in grade school, jr. high, and high school. We had about 10 of us girls that hung together, not always close but branched off in pairs. Fun times, fighting times, when do girls not fight. lol

In high school we went in different directions but new each girl was there if you needed her. I’m glad for digital now at least pics look better. lol

The good thing of a small-town small class sizes so we knew everyone. Most of the time we got along with everyone. Our class was 50. Students moved away and sometimes we got new ones. Thanks to all my childhood friends, great memories.


I am a writer and an artist, at least in my mind. :) I love to read!

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