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Supper, Easy Dish I Can Make

Stew meat, I season it with a garlic, pepper, Himalayan salt, ginger, and fennel seeds. Yummy. We get our beef for the week. I can flip the meat ok, definitely not a left-handed person but at least I can cook it. Hubby is awesome at cutting the salad so I can eat it. One day I will be able to eat with my teeth. My mouth is getting better from the stroke, back to almost normal. We also had white rice, in the microwave and lathered with butter. 🙂 It’s the little things.

It’s my meal to fix with help from hubby. lol

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Tents are Fun

The granddaughter got a new tent for Christmas, she liked it and the dog wanted in. .lol

it was funny to watch. lol

This was her tent before Christmas, I think she loves doing this too. She has imagination. My exercise machine is covered. lol

Tents are fun even outdoors.

This was in 2013, a long time since we have done this. I don’t think our backs could handle it without a blowup mattress. We made fun of Nancy when she brought one this trip, sorry. Fun times. We use to do this often when hubby and I first dated. Some day we will take the grandkids and the adults are welcome too. 🙂