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From KU to Rehab 2 years ago

I didn’t take photos until May so no photo in January.

I had my hair cut short because it was hard to take care of by me and my helpers, hubby and the daughter. Even though they said they had no problem i felt like I should help them out. I knew it would grow again.

I was released from the hospital and a hospital van took me to rehab at Madonna in Lincoln Nebraska. They were all awesome there. But with covid going on I couldn’t have any visitors but hubby and the daughter. Which sucked because I had several friends that could visit me since I lived there for two years when the daughter and oldest son was young. Dang Covid. I never got Covid. 🙂

I had to lie down, mask on, and only see out the windows from a lying down view. A long trip it seemed to take forever. I wish I could have sat up, don’t know why I couldn’t. The EMTs were fun to listen to, they joked about.

I had my own room, and my bed was comfy. My therapists worked with me a lot. I was wheelchaired down to the exercise room every day. I enjoyed the leg weights, think that is what helped me to walk and gain balance. i didn’t have much movement in the right hand, bummer. Think it would have taken longer there but insurance said not, only home therapy. It did cost a lot so understand. I did learn and took things from what they taught me. I was there from the Jan 12th to feb 4th.

I had many crying fits that year. Guess brain damage does that to you. The first year several times I wished i had not survived but hubby was golden always saying he wouldn’t like that and didn’t want that. it was only because of being disabled and not able to do what I enjoyed. And my kids kept me going they didn’t give up, so I wasn’t going to give up, 5 people wanted me in this world and that was golden. So, I pushed forward.

I loved my occupational and speech therapist on home therapy. They were great and advanced me a lot. Then insurance said no more and moved me to the rehab downtown. I liked it there it was like Madonna. Then problems happened with my teeth, got them removed but I caught infection from the implants possibly, so they removed them but i ended up in the hospital at the advice of the dentist. I had Sepsis.

I just couldn’t catch a break. It set me back in recovery and stopped the rehab. I lost lots of weight and muscle again. I can’t believe how muscle deteriorates. But we did start walking outside and got a Elliptical machine. Lots of stuff to work with. Been slow but 2022 was good for me. Hope 2023 is even better.

in 2022, better relationships all around, I think they all took the experience hard, but the boys getting me to the local hospital and doc getting me to KU saved me. Thank you

Hopefully back to old, new me. 🙂 But healthier and not a procrastinator. 🙂