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Blog Reason

I am blogging on dates that are numbers divided by 3s, my favorite number.

It’s to keep a blogging schedule so when my second book gets done, I will put it on here regularly. I’m thinking of putting it on here to read because a few enjoy, and I don’t think others do and that is fine maybe they will start to like it and maybe I will become a better writer. Plus, I don’t write Big Books, just short ones. Kind of like a classroom. 🙂

It sucks that my stroke took my imagination. I have been trying to read more to get it back that’s why I don’t always remember names those are way out in left field to me.

The mind is a mystery.

i like this. pretty.

My daughter has wrote a book, coming out in March. So excited for her. She always wrote stories as a kid. I wish her all the luck that I didn’t have because I waited for so long to fill my dream. A procrastinator that I am but I did have fun.