My Daughter’s Proof -Her Book

You get some great, amazingly fantastic news. What’s the first thing you do?

I cried like a baby.

Her dedication is awesome. I don’t care my book was a flop. I wish her to be a bestseller! She deserves it. Always writing stories when she was a kid and teenager. Praises from her English teachers. I have some of those stories too, I don’t throw anything away, lol.

I’m starting to read it today. I get first dibs. The cover is amazing! She is so creative. Art also. I believe the gene jumped from me to her. I’m so happy she loves to read and all things art. You have a great life and don’t let anyone take that from you.

The best thing is you have the leadership to make all things happen for you and I believe for your daughter as well. I’ve accomplished what I wanted to do in life, and that’s make you better than I am.

Now for the boys to achieve what they want.

My life will be complete.

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2 responses to “My Daughter’s Proof -Her Book”

  1. The oldest son is doing what he thought he wanted, but at least he tried, won’t wonder what if. He has a wife and a son, now on to the next phase, 30s. I believe 20s is figuring out what you want. He has a few years to figure it out. My other two sons are still young in their 20s, time to figure it out. No hurry. Love all four kids and enjoy seeing what they do.

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