Advice, Teenage Self

What advice would you give to your teenage self?

I would be more organized.

I thought I was, but I didn’t allow time to accomplish stuff. Busy was the word of each day. I had a ton of fun in the wrong way. I would have limited that. After high school for two years would have kept with reading, stretching, walking, and drinking tea. Leave pop for just eating out.

(The pop habit was end of my 20s but if I kept with tea, I don’t think I would have such a pop habit). not like extreme but a 32oz was bad without drinking water.

More quality time with the family instead so much with the friends. Though my friends were fun, but I would limit it. I would have kept writing, which I did start writing a children’s course. (I won’t be good enough get in the way).

I also published a couple of poems and should continue.

I would leave boys alone; it gets you in trouble. Too much emotional stuff.

Definitely not spend my checks on fun but save some, hopefully. 🙂

Teenage self-having fun.


3 responses to “Advice, Teenage Self”

  1. I should have stopped hanging out with the girls I called “friends”. They just got me into trouble.
    I should have taken the time to take better care of myself (eating right and regular exercise).
    I should have taken college courses in high school and kept going to get my masters when it was a LOT cheaper.

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